Dowel connectors are great for connecting two pieces of wood. These connectors get reinforced with glue which secures the joint, making it much stronger than a screw. You can insert a dowel into either side of the wood so that the load remains evenly distributed and the connection is less likely to fail. Keep reading to learn the top reasons to use dowel connectors instead of screws.

Dowel Connectors Are More Durable

Dowels are a more durable way to connect two pieces of wood than screws. You reinforce these connectors with glue, which secures the joint, making it resilient.

Due to their sturdiness, dowel connectors are ideal for woodworking projects, such as building furniture or cabinets, since both hold heavier loads. While screws may eventually loosen and fail, dowels provide a much more reliable connection.

Installation Is More Efficient

Another reason many prefer dowel connectors over screws is that they make the work easier. No one wants to spend hours struggling with confusing instructions or trial and error. Dowels fit snugly into the pre-drilled holes, making it simple to line everything up correctly. Additionally, dowels come in various sizes so that you can choose the perfect fit for your project.

They Work for All Wood Types

Woodworking is a delicate art; even the slightest mistake can ruin an entire project. That’s why it’s important to use the appropriate fastener. Manufacturers design dowel connectors to create a tight, seamless joint between two pieces of wood, regardless of the type.

Screws can loosen over time since wood expands and contracts as humidity levels change. Additionally, when you use screws, you must ensure you use the appropriate type according to the type of wood. The screw for softwood differs from the kind used for hardwood. And using the wrong option can have detrimental results. None of these points are detrimental for dowel connectors, though.

They’ve Been Around Longer

When in doubt, trust history. Woodworkers have used dowels much longer than screws. In fact, dowels were the primary method of joining wood until the late 19th century when people started using screws. Woodworkers have preferred dowels for centuries because they can support more weight than a screw of the same size when properly installed.

Buying Tip

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