When building cabinetry, there are so many ways to go about it with the amount of joinery and techniques used in the woodworking industry. When building, it’s important to know the best materials and supplies to work with to ensure that your craft is functional and timeless.

Luckily, Knapp Connectors has got you covered. Here are the best connectors for building kitchen cabinets.

Dowel Joints

Dowel joints, or doweling, are one of the strongest connectors to use for building cabinetry. These seamless joints connect two pieces of wood together by creating dowel holes and using the dowel to join them. These fasteners are popular because they give your cabinetry a much neater finish than most connectors.

Tongue and Groove Joints

Tongue and groove joints help simplify the artistry of building cabinets. That’s because their main purpose is to help wooden planks and joints connect to one another easily. This will help decrease strain, stress, and the time needed to connect the wooden pieces.

Pocket Joints

Pocket joints are versatile, easy to install, and durable. The best thing about these connectors is that they don’t require many tools for installation, and you can use glue or screws for a strong finish. These joints have been popular and reliable in manufacturing furniture and cabinetry for years and are stronger than most connectors.

Dovetail Joints

If you’re looking for a strong wooden connector that will withstand time, dovetail joints are your best bet. Although building these joints calls for experience, they’re great for building durable and functional cabinetry. Dovetail joints are popular due to their resistance and strength, meaning that it would take a lot of force for these connectors to come apart.

Half-Lap Joints

For those making framing for cabinetry, half-lap joints are great for creating a flushed finish. Half-lap joints are simple to make because it involves taking two same-sized wooden planks, cutting their thickness in half, and joining them together. You can use screws or glue to join them together for a seamless look and stronger connection.

Throughout the years, cabinet connectors have advanced and are exceeding the expectations of many suppliers, furniture shops, manufacturing companies, and more. There are many types of cabinet joiners out there, but if you’re looking for the best connectors for building kitchen cabinets, Knapp Connectors is the place to go.

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