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DUO – Hook Connector Starter Kit


The DUO Starter Kit includes all the accessories you need! The round-shaped steel brackets hook into each other in a dovetail-like manner, forming a stable load-bearing connection immediately after screwing and hooking together the parts.

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DUO Hook Connectors Starter Kit

DUO 30 Starter Kit
  • 25x DUO 30 mL
  • 25x DUO 30 oL
  • 4x DUO 30 Center Punch
  • 1x Drilling Jig
  • 1x 30 mm Custom Forstner Bit with Adjustable Depth Gauge
DUO 35 Starter Kit
  • 25x DUO 35 mL
  • 25x DUO 35 oL
  • 4x DUO 35 Center Punch
  • 1x Drilling Jig
  • 1x 35 mm Custom Forstner Bit with Adjustable Depth Gauge


Accessories Included!


          • Our KNAPP Forstner Bit has an adjustable depth stop that is custom-designed, allowing you to drill the perfect depth hole every time
          • The tungsten carbide tipped blade ensures optimal protection for long-lasting performance.
          • All of our KNAPP® drill bits and router bits are made in Austria and made of high-quality steel.



          • The  DUO Center punch is used to perfectly align the hook connectors and ensure precision without the use of measuring tools.
          • Insert the center punch into the borehole and take the component and press it against the other component, leaving a mark at the exact spot where you need to drill the second borehole.




          • The DUO Drilling Jig is adjustable and used to for perfect placement and alignment of the DUO Hook connectors


The DUO 30 and DUO 35 hook connectors come in 30 and 35 mm and consist of two identical round shaped steel brackets that hook into each other in a dovetail-like manner. They form a stable load-bearing connection immediately after screwing and hooking together the parts. They can be simply installed using the KNAPP® Forstner Bit with our custom adjustable depth stop.

Because of the bracket’s round shape, it can be easily fitted into a ∅ 30 mm x 3 mm recess. Utilizing the DUO Center Punch you can mark the wall and/or counterpart at the exact spot where the connection is to be made.

DUO 30 = 30 mm in diamter. DUO 35 = 35 mm in diamter.

DUO mL = with sideways tolerance of 1/8+ (1,7 mm). DUO oL = without sideways tolerance

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast assembly
    • Components are simply hooked together in seconds
    • Reduces labor and equipment cost
  • Non-visible connector
    • Appeals to the architect and customer
  • Self-tightening
    • Can be disassembled if needed
    • The DUO 30 mm can be used with a Locking Clip making the connection permanent
  • Versatile
    • Low recess depth of 3 mm
    • Two sizes ø = 30 mm and 35 mm
    • Two versions mL and oL (with and without sideways space)
    • Can be used with standard screws
    • Hooking way 15mm
    • Attach components flush, 3 mm, or 6 mm away


  • Perfect for industrial manufacturing with CNC
  • Used with all wood and board materials
  • For the DUO 35, Euro-screws are recommended


  • Wall Panels
  • Stair Treads
  • Windows and doors
  • Architectural Millwork
  • Shopfitting
  • Furniture Material



Steel – Zinc plated


DUO mL – Blue galvanized,
DUO oL – Yellow galvanized

Connector type

Hook-in connector


Screw-in with CS-screws (DUO 30) Euro-Screw 6×10 mm (DUO 35)


Concealed, self-tightening, demountable connector


Using our KNAPP Forstner Bit with adjustable depth stop, drill a ø = 30 or 35 mm hole, 3 mm deep. Install with CS screws.

Suitable materials

All woods and board materials


Wall panels, cabinet end panels, ceiling panels, handrails.


Doors and Windows

Stairway and Handrails




⇓View and download our DUO 30 / 35 Instruction Manual⇓


  1. Determine placement of hook connector using our KNAPP® Drilling Jig.
  2. Using our KNAPP® Forstner Bit, drill a 30 or 35 mm hole.
  3. Place the DUO Center Punch in hole and align workpiece, pressing firmly to transfer mark on desired connection.
  4. Screw hook connectors into workpiece opposite of each other using screws suitable for the material used. For the DUO 30, we recommend 3×13 CS-screws and for the DUO 35, we recommend Euro-screws.
  5. Simply hook together your workpiece.


  • Using the KNAPP® Drilling Jig, your hole placement will be perfect every time.
  • The patented adjustable depth gauge on our KNAPP® Forstner Bit will allow you to drill the exact depth time and time again.
  • Use the Locking Clip for the DUO 30 Hook Connector to make a permanent connection
  • The DUO mL allows 1/8+ movement left and right, whereas the DUO oL does not allow left and right movement.

DUO 30


DUO 35


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