Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation Sample Pack

Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation Sample Pack


Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation Clips are specifically designed for RTA furniture and case goods.

This Sample Pack contains:

10 x 2075 male anti-rotation clips
10 x 2076 female anti-rotation clips

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Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation Sample Pack

The Mod-eez®️ system was developed to join panels securely together in a fast and simple method with no visibility of the connector. The Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation Clips meets the objective by utilizing two spring steel clips, one male, and one female which slide into each other preventing the joint from rotating. Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation clips work especially well in areas where only one clip can be used, such as a table apron as little as 2″ tall. Spring steel makes the joint strong, yet flexible, and with the clip located in its pocket and the system assembled, all fasteners disappear.

Mod-eez®️ comes in Single ClipsDouble Clips, and Anti-Rotation Clips. The Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation Clips comes in two widths, working with both 1/2″ and 3/4″ + material.

Features and Benefits:
  • Fast assembly
    • Efficient and very good to use in production line manufacturing.
    • Components are simply hooked together in seconds
    • Reduces labor and equipment cost
    • Efficient: High degree of pre-manufacturing.
    • Components can be transported and simply assembled on site.
  • Non-visible connector
    • Appeals to the architect and customer
    • Concealed
  • Self-tightening
    • The clips can be disassembled and reassembled
  • Versatile
    • Used with all solid and wood-based materials and plastic as well as steel and aluminum.
    • 2 types of clips are available for 1/2″ and 3/4″ + stock
    • Can be used with material height as little as 2″ without rotation
  • Durable and Strong
    • Spring steel sturdy design
    • Longer PH-screws (approx. 5 x 60), can significantly increase the strength of the connector.
  • Perfect for industrial manufacturing with CNC
  • Prevents rotation in furniture parts where the height of the part is as small as 50 mm
  • Welding Mod-eez®️ Clips to steel (i.e. approximately 16 ga.) can be accomplished by wire welding.
  • For handheld routers, use our Mod-eez®️ Drilling and Depth Jig for a perfect installation every time.
  • Used with all wood and board materials
  • Case Goods
  • Cabinets
  • Table aprons
  • Chairs
  • Furniture
  • Interior design
  • Shop fittings



Spring steel




With PH- or CS-screws Ø = 4,5 mm (length as required).


Concealed, self-tightening connector for 32 mm system, demountable, for timber and steel.


Spindle moulder, plunge router, CNC equipment.

Suitable materials:

For all solid wood, wood-based panels and plastic materials from 16 mm thickness up.


Case goods, shop fittings, furniture


Drill- and depth-jig | Art.-No. CCD/2070



(View and Download Instruction Manual)


  1. Route the pocket for Mod-eez®️ female clip connector according to chart below
  2. Use the Mod-eez®️ Drilling and Depth Jig to pre-drill (5/32″ or 4 mm) holes 32 mm on center. This Jig will also ensure that the pocket is drilled to the perfect depth for all Mod-eez®️ single clip, double clip, and anti-rotation connectors.
  3. Attach female connector in the routed pocket and the male connector on the surface of workpiece using PH-Screws Ø 4,5 mm.
  4. Assemble workpiece with a rubber mallet.


  • Welding Mod-eez®️ Clips to steel (i.e. approximately 16 ga.) can be accomplished by wire welding.
  • Pockets to receive connectors are normally routed into the edge of a panel but can be routed into the face when design so requires.
Mod-eez®️ (for 1/2″ stock)
2075, 2076
Routing depth
14 mm / 0.550″
Routing length
≥ 42 mm / 1.674″
Routing width
10 mm / 0.390″
Panel thickness
16 mm / 5/8″
Hole-line A
32 mm / 1-1/4″
Mod-eez®️ (for 3/4″ stock)
5075, 5076
Routing depth
12 mm / 0.475″
Routing length
≥ 42 mm / 1.674″
Routing width
13,5 mm / 0.525″
Panel thickness
19 mm / 3/4″
Hole-line A
32 mm / 1-1/4″


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