Whether building your furniture or buying it from a store, properly installing the connectors is critical to the piece’s functionality. Without the proper instruction, your furniture can break, fall apart, or sustain easily due to simple mistakes.

To avoid frustration and wasted time, our team at Knapp compiled the top five mistakes to avoid when installing furniture connectors. Keep reading to discover how to get long-lasting furniture.

Not Reading the Instructions

Raise your hand if you chuck the instructions to the side when opening a box. If your hand is up, try to curb that habit when installing furniture connectors. It’s important to research and read the proper instructions to ensure you’re getting the best functionality out of your furniture piece. Skipping the to-do list can cause your chair or desk to fall apart, which is dangerous for anyone using the piece.

Using the Wrong Type of Fastener

Whether you’re a handyperson or it’s your first time assembling furniture, it’s easy to confuse two connectors, especially if they’re similar in size and shape. However, using the wrong connector can make your furniture defective. You can determine which fastener is best for your piece by reading the directions or searching online. If you’re assembling store-bought furniture, the manual usually assigns a number or letter to the fasteners.

Not Properly Aligning Your Parts

How can you use an unaligned desk or eat at a lopsided table? You can’t, which is why one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when installing furniture connectors is not properly aligning your parts. Ensuring your pieces are aligned is one of the most important steps in assembling furniture. Proper alignment makes your furniture functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Having Loose Screws and Bolts

Along with unaligned parts, another big mistake to avoid when using furniture assembly hardware is not tightening it enough. Loose screws and bolts will result in an unstable piece. This could lead to a wobbly desk, a table that shifts, or a rickety chair. Once you install all the bolts and screws, ensure each fastener is tightly installed.

Not Making Measurements Ahead of Time

When you’re planning to assemble your pieces, you must make your measurements ahead of time. This will ensure you have enough space in your room for the work and enough tools to accomplish it. Many people run into the problem of having too large a desk or table due to not making the proper measurements. To avoid frustration, make sure you plan for breathing room and walkways.

Avoid wasting your time and money and save yourself stress by following our tips above. Also, check out our other blogs and online store to learn more about our fasteners! If you have any questions, contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.