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KNAPP Connectors

KNAPP®️ was founded over 35 years ago by the Austrian inventor Friedrich Knapp. Starting with connecting systems for furniture, KNAPP®️ Connectors has expanded to create systems for case goods, stair makers, timber construction and more. All systems are made in Austria and Germany and are up to par with the highest technical standards worldwide.

At KNAPP, we are driven to provide Austrian craftsmanship by combining precision with outstanding technical designs. All KNAPP Connectors are concealed, self-tightening and can simply be snapped together for fast assembly. All for the benefit of reducing time, labor and equipment cost while keeping the perfect look of your workpiece.

Innovative Systems for Your Innovative Projects

Our connectors are non-visible so your design, aesthetics, and craftsmanship aren’t ruined by unsightly holes, nails, and screws.  KNAPP Connectors easily snap together, which saves our customers labor costs, production time, and shipping costs, allowing you to deliver a superior product with less effort. Not only does KNAPP pride itself on the functionality of its products, but also the unmatched design aesthetic. Our products are made to fit seamlessly into your applications and to maintain the integrity of your design.

Service That Delivers

Since 1978, KNAPP Connectors has received various awards and certificates based on our unique, outstanding products. KNAPP Connectors understands that while an excellent product is key to a successful business, technical support and customer service is just as important. We pride ourselves on our responsive and caring team of employees who are dedicated to making your experience with KNAPP an easy, and enjoyable one. As one of our customers you are able to take advantage of clearly arranged catalogs, simple assembly instructions, and data sheets to help guide your inspired ideas.