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Wall connector | Prefab Walls up to 14 kN Load Bearing

The WALCO® V prefab wall panel connector consists of a “dovetail” shaped hot-dip galvanized bracket and a specially shaped counterpart screw. The key to modular home construction is speed, and with this simple system, prefabricated walls can be connected to each other within a few minutes. You can assemble the prefab wall connection through the spacious V-shaped bracket and only needs a 35 mm (1 ½ inch) distance to engage the screw with the bracket. Simply slide the screw into the generous v-shaped bracket to attach your prefab walls. You can use our optional locking clip to latch the connection against the slide-in direction. WALCO® V is available in two sizes, 60 and 80. The WALCO® 60 is 60 mm x 60 mm. WALCO® 80 is 80 mm x 80 mm. Each size is available in four different types (KS, VK, EH, GH), the most common being the KS version.

  • Universal – connections can be made from timber to timber, to steel, and to concrete.
  • Easy – no recess of bracket needed if the height of the planking is 13/15 mm (the counterpart screw can be recessed on the opposite side).
  • Effective – fast and accurate assembly on site – fully prefabricated walls are assembled without any screwing or nailing.
  • Stable – from the first wall corner on.
  • Saves labor – quick and easy assembly through the spacious V-shaped bracket.
  • Flexible – assembly to the last wall and even interior walls.
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Wall connector | Prefab Walls up to 10 kN Load Bearing

The WALCO® 40 is the little brother to our WALCO® V 60 and 80. However, don’t let it surprise you when we say that it can hold more weight than many versions of the WALCO® V. This wall panel connector is a slimmer version with the same dovetail interlocking principle, used also for prefab homes and modular construction.

The set consists of two identical brackets made out of blue-galvanized steel. For better insulation, you can install rubber gaskets on either side of the wall connector before your prefab wall is assembled. When sliding the wall panels together, the brackets hook into each other in a dovetail-like manner and tighten up the joint. With this in mind, your wall panels can be pre-manufactured to a large degree in a superior and advanced fashion and then connected on-site with no screwing or nailing needed.

  • Efficient – wall connectors for timber frame and wood panel construction.
  • A large degree of prefabrication – no screwing or nailing on site.
  • Simple and easy – the wall panels are simply joined without and screwing or nailing.
  • Stable – from the first wall corner on.
  • Approved – For timber structures according to DIN 1052 and Eurocode 5 (EN 1995-1-1).
  • ETA certified (even for hardwood).
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