Hidden Fasteners for Furniture Frame Connectors

KNAPP® Connectors enable you to assemble frames without worrying about nails and screws—you don’t have to worry about wood glue and clamps, either. KNAPP has created and perfected an innovative product that simplifies the assembly process. Shop for a solution you can rely on for durability and a simple installation. Our furniture fasteners are a must-have product for anyone working in the industry. Upgrade your hardware with furniture connectors that are strong and non-visible. Browse our great collection to find the option for your needs as you plan your next project. We have fasteners for just about every furniture assembly project you can imagine!

Furniture Frame Connectors

DUO System Frame Connectors

Dovetail Frame Connector | Steel

The DUO-System is a furniture connector that provides the optical qualities of traditional frame joints, while being engineered in an innovative manner for fast processing and even simple for the end user to assemble. As an example, the DUO 100/15 is an ideal frame connector for bed rails, while the DUO 62/15 and DUO 90/20 are great sizes for table aprons. The larger sizes such as the DUO 62/30 and the 90/46 are used to attach sofas, sectionals, and larger joints. Like all KNAPP connectors, they are non-visible, self-tightening and can be disassembled. The assembly of knock-down frames such as bed rails and heavy furniture becomes simple. The pan-head screw can be simply adjusted in or out, making installation a breeze. The DUO-System provides the perfect finished look with no visible fastener parts.

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Frame Connector | Worm Drive for Fast Assembly


The ZIPBOLT™️ Connector is a practical and innovative furniture frame connecting solution. The ZIPBOLT™️ completely eliminates the difficult and time-consuming use of a screwdriver needed for conventional connectors and fasteners. ZIPBOLT™️ requires no additional tightening while the parts are connected. While tensioning tools often cause damage and a considerable amount of extra work, this is not the case when using the ZIPBOLT™️. The fastener connects and holds the components in position, while disassembly is simple and possible at any time.

The connector consists of a threaded rod, which has a metric fine thread and ensures an optimal force transmission – combined with an internal force-transmitting gear drive. The mounting of the connector is very fast; it is easy to install with a cordless drill or even a hand-held screwdriver. With these tools, the processor can quickly tighten the components together. Because of this, one-hand mounting is also possible. Countertops and frames from 5/8″ (16 mm) to 1-1/2″ (38 mm) board thickness can be connected in just a few seconds.

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Mod-eez System

Clip Connector | Spring Steel

Mod-eez®️ System is a comprehensive furniture connector that is specifically designed with RTA and knock-down furniture in mind, such as bookcases, nightstands, and end tables. This innovative system was developed to tighten joints securely together in a fast and simple method with no visibility of the connector. Mod-eez®️ uses a spring steel declining ramp “clip” and a large collared shoulder screw at the two mating members.

Mod-eez®️ Double Clips are used in combination with 2 Shoulder Screws and used for wider dimension board material. They are anti-rotating and can be attached in all wood materials, including metal. Mod-eez®️ clips are made for material as little as 5/8″ in thickness and are ideal for table aprons, stools, bookcases, and any material greater than 3″ in width. Spring steel clips make the joint strong, yet flexible, while the collar on the shoulder screw adds tremendous resistance to torsional pull-out. Simply slide the shoulder screw head down the ramp of the clips and all fasteners disappear.

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Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation Connectors

Male and Female Clip Connector | Spring Steel

Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation clips work especially well to connect furniture components, such as a table aprons and chair stretchers as little as 2″ in width. The Mod-eez®️ anti-rotation clips are only .390″ wide, making them perfect for 1/2″+ thick material. Spring steel makes the joint strong, yet flexible, and with the clip located in its pocket and the system assembled, all fasteners disappear.

Mod-eez®️ Anti-Rotation clips are highly used for furniture with narrow rails and stiles such as end tables, night stands, bookcases, knock-down, and RTA furniture, as there is no rotation once the components are connected.

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RICON Stainless Steel

Outdoor Frame Connector | Stainless Screws Included


The RICON® Stainless Steel series is a one of a kind stainless steel, slide-in heavy furniture fastener. It is completely concealed and allows for simple and fast joining of rails and beams. Not only can it be used indoors, but also for outdoors, giving you a wide variety of applications such as patio furniture, garden benches, pergolas and outdoor tables.

The RICON® Stainless Steel consists of two identical metal connector plates that hook into each other in a dovetail-like manner. Typically, one of the plates sits in a recess and the other is screwed on the face of the beam or rail. For easy installation, KNAPP® also offers Routing Jigs as well as a Mounting kit. With 10 different sizes to choose from, the RICON® Stainless Steel provides solutions for all of your furniture fastener needs.

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Furniture Dowels

KNAPP® Dowel

Plastic Dowel for Furniture


The KNAPP®-Dowel is a strong and durable plastic dowel connector available in 6×28 mm and 8×36 mm. We make our dowels out of the best high-strength weather-resistant (POM) plastic, which gives extra durability in outdoor weather conditions. The threaded ribs are designed to tightly grip into the borehole, hence, no clamping is necessary. Unlike conventional wooden dowels, the KNAPP®️ Dowel can be used with or without adhesive.

If used with the recommended KNAPP®-Adhesive PU+ (Z011/1) the lengthwise grooves and two holes ensure an optimal distribution of the glue and a firm anchoring in the material, thus creating a strong and tight connection between the components when hardened. Processing can be done in as little as 7-10 minutes after insertion when using KNAPP-Adhesive PU+.

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2-Part Locking Dowel | No Glue Needed


The QUICK-SET furniture fastener is a simple and efficient 2-part Locking Dowel connector including a threaded stud and a plastic sleeve. It is a self-tightening, non-visible, RTA furniture fastener and can be inserted immediately into standard boreholes without the need for glue. End tables and coffee tables can be put together on-site quickly and easily, thus high transport costs are omitted.

The processing of the two-piece connector is the same as with a conventional dowel but in a much shorter time, as glue drying time is not a factor. In addition to its main area of application as a modern cabinet connector, the QUICK-SET can also be used for dresser drawer boxes, bedroom shelving, bookcases and more.

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TUCK Dowel

Compression Dowel | Spring Steel


The TUCK is a spring steel compression dowel for attaching components without glue or clamps that is immediately load-bearing. TUCK is available in five sizes. The 6 x 25 mm, 8 x 35 mm and 10 x 32 mm dowels are processed like conventional wooden dowels. The 10 x 28 mm and 10 x 16 mm are screwed onto a component, while the other end is inserted into a borehole.

The spring steel design guarantees permanent tightening by pushing against the borehole wall. The processing can be done with a dowel-boring machine or CNC. Due to eliminating usual clamping aids, the productivity of the gluing of workpieces (furniture parts such as chair stretchers) can also be drastically increased even in smaller manufacturers.

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Table Leg Connectors


Table Leg Connector | Demountable

The easy-con® is a universal and non-visible furniture connector for mounting table legs to the table top. Because of how sturdy the connection is, the easy-con® offers the safety of high quality standards according to (EU) building code (Z-50.4-325). The connector can be disassembled and easily re-tightened at any time, making it perfect for knock-down furniture. Easy-con® can be used in all wood materials and provides a high degree of pre-manufacturing.

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