Woodworking is a great hobby. You have the talent to create different pieces of furniture and achieve projects that seem impossible to make by hand. Using the best method for attaching the legs is important, whether you create a coffee table, end table, desk, or elegant dining table.

The legs help keep the structure sturdy and useful. Here are a few simple ways to attach legs to your wooden table to prevent weak installments and wobbly table legs.

Installing Threaded Inserts

Easy to use and perfect for beginner woodworkers, threaded inserts are a simple way to attach legs to wooden tables. These inserts require very little skill to install directly into the underside of your table. That said, they’re strong enough for most applications but not all. We don’t recommend installing threaded inserts into a table that you will often use.

Using Mortise and Tenon Joinery

A traditional but simple way to attach table legs to your wooden table is by using mortise and tenon joinery. These furniture connectors are the key to creating long-lasting wooden tables, and you can use them for bigger or smaller tables. While we recommend more experienced woodworkers try this method, DIYers can easily learn how to install them through tutorials and guides. However, it’s important to remember that you cannot disassemble the table after gluing your pieces.

Attaching Straight and Angled Cleats

Attaching straight and angled cleats is the method for you if you want to achieve a Mid-Century Modern look. Cleats come in various lengths and allow you to connect tabletops to table legs without using aprons. This fast and easy solution is also strong enough to hold heavier loads.

Try the Direct Attachment Method

You should try the direct attachment method if you want to add metal legs to your wooden table and achieve a more contemporary look. You can easily install these legs using screws. This method is an easy and fast way to install table legs and is great for furniture that you may move frequently.

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