Do you want to know more about timber frames? Well, you’re in the right place! At Knapp Connectors, we’re always happy to educate our readers and clients on the fundamentals of wooden connectors and joints.

Although the art of working in timber-frame structures is a 2,000-year-old craft, the evolution of this building method helps create stronger and more durable buildings. We will review the basics of timber framing in our quick guide below to help you perfect your craft.

What Is a Timber Frame?

Timber framing is a unique style that you can spot a mile away. This craftsmanship received much praise after its revision in the 1970s, and contractors use them in modern homes today. Timber framing uses wooden joinery and wooden pegs to hold it in place. Contractors hide these connectors inside the frame instead of attaching them to the timber’s surface. This non-traditional technique gives the structure a traditional look.

The Basics of Timber Frame Joinery

Without timber frame joints and connectors, your structure wouldn’t stay intact. Traditionally, contractors hold timber frame joinery with wooden pegs or steel connectors. Smaller wooden structures use more simplified joiners like tenons or dovetails. On the other hand, traditional wood joinery and pegs connect more complex framing.

Different Types of Joinery

Various joinery options range from traditional wood framing connectors to timber connections adorned with steel. Whichever joinery you choose depends on the technique you use to hold your framing together. Below are different types of joinery you can use when building timber frames.

  • Traditional Joinery
  • Steel Connectors
  • Tension Ties
  • Wood Joists and Purlins
  • Post Bases

The Pros of Using Timber Framing

The timber frame aesthetic is like no other. Any other structuring type is incomparable to exposed timbers and durable joinery. Timber framing is more resistant to fires and provides structural integrity. By using timber framing, you’re making a statement. The boldness and uniqueness of timber-styled frames are one-of-a-kind, and you can style them any way you desire.

At Knapp, we’re passionate about our wooden joints and connectors. We hope our quick guide to the basics of timber framing helped you learn everything you need about this craft. We believe in creating durable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional connectors. Check out our online store for wood framing connectors and joint samplers.