Biscuit connectors are a type of knock-down connector professional woodworkers commonly use. Unlike nails or screws, these fasteners remain out of sight, which gives your piece a better-looking finish. Knapp has supplied the world with this essential product for over 30 years! Read on to learn more about this fastener, plus the interesting origin story of the Knapp biscuit connector.

What Are Biscuit Connectors?

People typically use biscuit connectors for woodworking. They are plastic or metal in material composition and resemble a half-circle with a saw blade on one end. This blade carves out the wood where the connector will sit. We recommend that you glue both pieces to ensure a permanent joint.

With the resulting strength and security of the connection between two pieces of wood, you can easily create top-quality furniture or other wood pieces.

The Story of Knapp’s Biscuit Connector

Now, let’s cover a bit of history and get into the origin story of the Knapp biscuit connector. In 1999, Fridrich Knapp acted as a trailblazer in the furniture-making industry by creating the biscuit connector. It was the third furniture connector that also had a cutting edge. This was only four years after his creation of Knapp’s website. With its online presence, the company could reach a wider range of customers.

Over time, Knapp created plastic and metal options for this connector so that professionals could always buy the appropriate option for their needs. With the SUNNY connector, disassembly wouldn’t be possible. But because of other options like the CHAMP, it is. Knapp’s biscuit connectors provide woodworkers with easy access to a non-visible connector that’s durable, speeds up assembly, and is easy to install.

Why Use Biscuit Connectors

There are a few reasons why experts working in the industry use biscuit connectors. Many woodworkers gravitate toward using them because they’re incredibly durable, which means higher-quality furniture. This type of knockdown connector is common in ready-to-assemble (RTA) pieces. What does this mean? It means you can take the furniture apart if you need to move or store it.

Best of all, biscuit connectors represent an economical option. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, but they also create superior furniture that’s less likely to break down over time. Additionally, using them doesn’t require special tools, and they’re perfect for various projects, from making furniture to cabinets to flooring.

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