There are various ways to connect two pieces of wood, and while many of us are used to a hammer and nails, this isn’t always the best fastening method. Although these tools will work to connect separate pieces, they can become an eyesore, and that’s the last thing you want for your woodworking project. Luckily, there are various types of knock-down fasteners woodworkers, DIYers, and other craftsmen use for this purpose. Discover how knock-down fasteners work and learn more about what they are.

What Is a Knock-Down Fastener?

Nowadays, people need more ways to assemble furniture and other woodworking projects. Homeowners often redecorate their house, so we sometimes need to take these pieces apart and reassemble them elsewhere.

A knock-down fastener is a type of fastener that allows you to assemble and disassemble pieces easily. This results in a smoother finish, and there’s no need to tear out nails or screws if you need to take something apart.

A Bonus of Knock-Down Fasteners

You may need to disassemble some furniture whether you plan to move or remodel, and pieces constructed with knock-down fasteners are made for this purpose! Taking things apart is as quick and simple as reassembling them.

Pro Tip

Furniture constructed with knock-down fasteners are also easier to move from one area of the house to another. For example, you may want to move your office from the second story of your home into the basement. However, carrying an assembled desk down two flights of stairs can be challenging and dangerous if it’s heavy. However, if the builder used knock-down fasteners when creating the desk, you can take it apart and bring it down in pieces—and reassembly will be a breeze!

Types of Knock-Down Fastener

There are various types of knock-down fasteners, and the one you should use depends on the task you’ve planned. A corner jointer and dovetail connector don’t serve the same purpose, nor are they interchangeable. Some of the many types of knock-down fasteners include:

  • Corner jointer
  • Biscuit fastener
  • Dovetail connector
  • Single Clip Connectors
  • Two-Part locking dowels

Below, we’ve detailed these commonly used types of knock-down fasteners and how they work. Read through this vital information, so you have an easier time purchasing the right option for your project.

Corner Joiners

Many experts recommend using corner joiners to attach the internal corners of two pieces of wood. This helps hide the joint, and it’s durable. With corner joiners, you can frame your woodworking project and ensure parts remain locked in place for as long as you need them to stay that way.

Biscuit Fasteners

Biscuit fasteners are non-visible, self-tightening, and easy to use. This connector includes two half-moon-shaped pieces that snap together to join separate pieces of wood. All you have to do is slide both halves into a carved-out area of the wood, and then snap them together.

Shop for Quality Biscuit Fasteners

At Knapp, you can buy locking biscuits in various materials, such as plastic and metal. Purchase our sample pack or starter kit to have the biscuit fasteners you need as you create your next project.

Dovetail Connectors

A dovetail connector is another non-visible connector that is easy to install and snaps separate pieces of wood together in no time! All you have to do is screw in the connectors so you can snap different parts together. These are great for window and door casings, clamping aids, and chair rail projects.

Single-Clip Connectors

Single-clip connectors are another great option for knock-down fasteners that securely hold the project in place. Many manufacturers that sell ready-to-assemble furniture use these connectors. This makes it easier for buyers to build the furniture or cabinetry. Plus, assembling doesn’t usually require specialized tools or equipment. Many use these fasteners for cabinets, chairs, and other types of furniture.

Two-Part Locking Dowels

Two-part locking dowels are the final type of knock-down fastener we’ll discuss. These fasteners include a plastic sleeve and metal thread. To install this, you’ll need to screw the stud in place before knocking the plastic sleeve over it so you can connect both pieces of wood. These are great for assembling furniture, cabinets, stairways, and more.

Tips for Buying Knock-Down Fasteners

Now that you know what knock-down fasteners are and how they work, it’s time to start shopping for this woodworking must-have. As you shop, note how you’ll use the fastener and read through reviews on fastener brands; this helps you make the best purchase. Every fastener serves a slightly different purpose when assembling a piece, so what’s perfect for one project may not work for another.

It’s best to shop for fasteners and wood connectors at a business specializing in these types of items. These companies often detail the best ways of using and installing the knock-down fastener to help buyers make the best purchase. And if you still feel unsure, you can contact the company for support to get in touch with industry experts right away.

Have a Project In-Mind

Before you buy anything:

  1. Decide on the type of woodworking project you’ll do.
  2. Remember, each connector serves a slightly different purpose, so you’ll narrow your search by noting the kind of project you’ll do.
  3. When you begin shopping, read through the product description to see if the manufacturer recommends the fastener for specific project types.

Read Through Reviews

Like any product or tool, reading through customer reviews gives you the best idea of whether you should get the item. Other buyers may detail the durability of the connector or how easy it is to assemble and disassemble projects built with it. Investigate how well the fasteners work and whether they lock in place like they should.

Shop at Knapp

At Knapp, you’ll find the best knock-down fasteners around! We lead the industry for easy-to-use connectors that snap together and work for a wide range of projects. Plus, we invented our unique, non-visible connectors over 40 years ago, giving us decades of expertise. Shop for woodworking knock-down connectors that are easy to install and durable. With Knapp connectors, you can easily assemble or disassemble anything you create.

Knock-Down Fasteners: What They Are & How They Work