When it comes to woodworking, most people rely on an old-fashioned and unsightly packet screws or cam locks to get the job done. The problem is this doesn’t leave a sleek appearance, and you can see every connection point. Check out these reasons to choose Knapp connectors for your next project as you investigate the best tools and equipment.

Knapp Connectors are Easy To Use

Knapp connectors help speed up the construction process because all you have to do is set them in place and snap the pieces together. With these connectors, there’s no more wasted time drilling holes or setting pieces with clamps and wood glue. And you won’t have to waste money on equipment like clamps or expensive special machinery and tools since the connector is self-tightening, incredibly durable and can be installed using standard tooling.

They’re Versatile

Another reason to choose Knapp connectors for your next project is their versatility. You can find KNAPP connectors and fasteners for furniture assembly, deck building, framing, and more! If you’ve planned a woodworking project, you can use one of these connectors for it. No matter what the scale of your project is, even if you need to work with small dimensions, Knapp connectors will ensure a perfect turnout.

They’re Non-Visible

Packet screws or cam locks don’t always look great nor create a seamless appearance. Whether you need to assemble cabinets, furniture, or a timber structure , a seamless appearance always looks best. Why risk the aesthetics of your woodworking project when there’s a simple solution to connecting each component? Say goodbye to the days of seeing each screw and connection point. When you use wood connectors, the final product looks more visually appealing, and everyone likes a smooth design.

They’re Durable

Many woodworkers and contractors rely on Packet screws or cam locks and other traditional building essentials because of their strength. Knapp connectors can hold anything from the wooden framework for hotels and other buildings to furniture within your home.

We’re the Industry Leaders

Knapp leads the industry; we’re the trailblazers that created this unique product, and we’re always searching for ways to improve. Buy the best product from the inventor to ensure quality supplies and easy assembly.

We created our first connector back in 1977 and haven’t stopped searching for ways to learn and grow to offer the best products to craftsmen working in the industry. Only use the best connectors for your next project.