RICON® Stainless Steel

RICON® Stainless Steel


The RICON® Stainless Steel series allows for the simple and fast joining of beams, rails and is used in various applications such as indoor and outdoor furniture, balconies, decking, carport, pergolas, gazebos, playgrounds, sports equipment, and much more. We recommend accessories → 2 Flute Straight Router Bit 13/32″ to be combined with —> Router Bushing 1″ OD and the MULTI F Routing Jigs to make make the mortise. Optionally, → Router Base Plate Adapter that holds the Router Bushing 1″ OD.


The RICON® Stainless Steel series allows for the simple and fast joining of beams, rails and is used in various applications such as indoor and outdoor furniture, balconies, decking, carport, pergolas, gazebos, playground and sports equipment, and much more. RICON® Consists of two identical metal connector plates that hook into each other in a dovetail-like manner. Typically, one of the plates sits in a recess and the other is plainly screwed on the surface of the beam or rail. For easy installation, KNAPP® also offers Routing Jigs as well as a Mounting kit. The connector plates on the end grain are installed with self-tapping stainless steel SC-screws. The CS-screws have an integrated stop, thus on one end, the screw would stand above the connector and engage with the dovetail receiver socket of the other connectors when hooking them into each other. An optional Locking clip can be installed to latch the connector. If needed the locking clip can be removed later on. The RICON® Stainless Steel can be installed fully concealed or visible and can be used with timber widths as little as 40 mm. and can be assembled and disassembled.  With more sizes to come RICON® Stainless Steel is currently available in 10 sizes; 66/16, 70/20, 60/30, 80/30, 100/30, 120/30, 140/30, 160/30, 80/40, 160/40.

*Note that the numbers in the name of each RICON® size indicate the size of the connector in millimeter. I.e. RICON 70/20 is 70 mm long by 20 mm wide.

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Features and Benefits:
  • Fast assembly
    • Components simply slide and join together in seconds
    • Reduces labor and equipment cost
    • High degree of prefabrication
  • Non-visible connector
    • Appeals to the architect and customer
  • Self-tightening and adjustable
    • prevents forming of gaps in the joint over time
    • connectors allow adjustment in depth
  • Flexible
    •  Disassembly and reassembly possible if needed
  • Universal
    • Can connect wood to wood, steel, concrete for sizes 100×40, 100×30 and up
  • Slim profile
    • timber width from 20 mm upwards
  • Versatile
    • can be used for single joint and double joint connection
  • Connector for main and secondary beams
  • Connectors for indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Good to used with woods, such as oak, douglas fir, larch and impregnated woods, such as Accoya
  • Connector for small and exposed timber structures such as carports, sunrooms, gazebos, pergolas, decking, balconies playground and sports equipment..etc.





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(View and Download Instruction Manual)


  1. Cut recess with CNC or by means of MULTI F 40 Routing Jig
  2. Pre-drill 8×50 (side grain) mm and 8×80 (end grain) with CNC or RICON Drilling Jig
  3. Install connector plates with RICON  Mounting kit
  4. Install Locking clip if needed
  5. Hook-in beams


  • RICON is immediately load bearing and does not need any additional screwing or nailing on site.
  • Unlatch joint by bending locking clip using a flat head screwdriver on the open end of the connection.

Assembly Instructions:

Connecting Options:

Charact. load carrying capacity F2,Rk [kN]*

Load-Bearing values for insertion direction F2 for glulam GL24h: Service classes 1+2+3: Indoor, outdoor, roofed and outdoor.
To obtain character load value use required screws
4,8 [kN]*
RICON 66/16 EA
4,8 [kN]*
RICON 70/20 EA
5,2 [kN]*
RICON 60/30 EA
7,5 [kN]*
RICON 80/30 EA
10,4 [kN]*
RICON 100/30 EA
13,2 [kN]*
RICON 120/30 EA
16,1 [kN]*
RICON 140/30 EA
17,4 [kN]*
RICON 160/30 EA
18,9 [kN]*
RICON 160/40 EA


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