The ACRO-System has ten basic fastener parts, which allows a large variety of different fasteners to be created, and provides multiple applications. With little effort, the connectors can also be put together and mounted on site. It allows a very high degree of pre-manufacturing and a quick process assembly.

They are used for all kinds of prefabricated timber construction, such as smaller sunrooms, pergolas or garden houses, as well as “classic” carpentry. The ACRO-System parts are screwed on and snapped together. They are non-visible and can be disassembled at any time.

ACRO-System is designed for connections with tested stress values in structural timber construction, i.e. for simple post and beam joints.

  • Non-visible – concealed, self-tightening column and beam connectors.
  • User friendly – disassembly possible if needed.
  • Self-tightening – through adjusting of the screws.
  • Efficient – high degree of pre-manufacturing.
  • Simple transport – components can be transported disassembled and simply assembled on site.
  • Fast – saving of throughput times in production.
  • Safe – tested by HFA (Holzforschung, Austria).
  • Adjustable – the connector can be adjusted as needed.

Interior design, exhibition, constructions in exhibition and museum, sunrooms and all types of small timber structures.

Processing – milling:
To recess the connector, a groove is routed in the end-grain or the face-grain. The groove is 8.5 mm deep and done by a hand router, CNC machining center with a slot cutter Ø 15 mm, the dimension depends on the connector size. Drilling and milling jigs are available for simple and precise processing.

The respective ACRO-System consists of several identical connector parts, made of high strength blue-galvanized weather-resistant steel, and is manufactured in Austria.
The choice of the correct ACRO-System connector depends on the respective timber dimension. The milling operations can be made optionally with a hand router or a CNC machining center. The system is tested and available in seven different sizes.

Milling: please refer to the construction manual.