We at KNAPP® pride ourself with having invented and supply the most user-friendly, versatile, pre-engineered heavy mass timber connector/beam hanger on the market. The MEGANT® is manufactured from machined aluminum with 45° fully threaded screws. Simple installation possible with self-tapping screws perpendicular to plate setting. It consists of two identical connector plates, two tapered clamping jaws made of AW 6005 aluminum, and threaded rods that interlock, thus the connector is automatically locked into place. The system allows to compensate for 3mm (1/8″) of manufacturing/installation tolerance and installation is possible from all 4 sides (even from below upwards) with only 19mm (3/4″) of travel to engage connection. MEGANT® can be installed fully concealed or visible for wood to wood, steel or concrete joints. With its standard sizes, it covers connection beam widths from 100 mm and up to 633 kN load capacity. Special sizes of the MEGANT® can be manufactured by request. The MEGANT® is tested and approved according to the European Building Approval (ETA) with a CE mark and, with regular third-party monitoring, provides peace of mind for contractors, architects, engineers, and builders.

MEGANT® sizes: 310x60x40, 430x60x40, 550x60x40, 310x100x40, 430x100x40, 550x100x40, 310x150x50, 430x 150×50, 550x150x50

*Note that the numbers in the name of each MEGANT® size indicate the size of the connector in millimeter. I.e. MEGANT® 310x150x50 is 310 mm long by 150 mm wide by 50 mm thick

Features and Benefits:
  • Pre-engineered beam hanger
  • Fast and simple assembly
    • reduces labor and equipment cost!
    • self-tapping screws without pre-drilling
    • short hooking way – only 19mm (3/4″)
    • beams simply slide and join together
    • high degree of prefabrication
  • Non-visible connector
    • Appeals to the architect and customer
  • Self-tightening
    • prevents forming of gaps in the joint over time
  • Safe
    • Concealed, thus meeting the highest standards of fire resistance
    • Automatically locks in place
    • Made of aluminum and thus corrosion resistant
  • Flexible
    • Disassembly and reassembly possible if needed
    • allows to compensate for 3mm (1/8″) of manufacturing/installation tolerance
  • Universal
    • connectors can fasten timber to timber, to steel, and to concrete.
  • Versatile
    • can be installed from all directions – even from below upwards
    • can be used for single joint and double joint applications
  • Tested and approved 
    • CE ETA approval 15/0667 with stainless steel screws and threaded rods and for connections in coniferous and hardwood board plywood
  • Beam hanger for glulam and normal beams
  • Connector for timber frame construction
  • Connector for log home building
  • Connector for mass timber construction