The DeKLICK® Clamp Connector is a resilient assembly solution, optimized for both indoor and outdoor applications. With its quick, tool-free setup and precise positioning, this versatile, reusable connector is perfect for various assembly needs including acoustic panels, decorative walls, and moldings. Experience the DeKLICK® difference today for efficient, adaptable assembly solutions.

DeKLICK Set extra strong (grey) and DEKLICK Set (black) to be used with → KNAPP PU+ Adhesive

DeKLICK Block – Recommended screws (not included): RICON CS 5×50 mm stainless steel (Z950) or RICON CS 4.5×35 mm stainless steel (Z409)


DEKLICK – Clamp Connector

Introducing the DEKLICK® Clamp Connector – the revolutionary accessory engineered for superior strength and durability that works excellently both indoors and outdoors. This detachable, yet extra sturdy clamp connector is a go-to product for quick, tool-free assembly, offering adaptability for both vertical and horizontal orientations.

The key advantages of the DEKLICK® Clamp Connector are manifold. Its quick clip-on feature makes installation a breeze, ensuring swift and efficient setup, whether it be vertically or horizontally. The flexible joint design and the possibility of prefabrication, combined with the variable assembly order, allow for optimal flexibility in application, catering to a variety of needs. This product offers an unprecedented level of accuracy in positioning, which is essential for any high-quality assembly work.

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Features of DEKLICK® Clamp Connector:
  • Quick Clip-on Design: Easily clips on both vertically and horizontally, simplifying the assembly process.
  • Tool-free Assembly: This feature enables quick and hassle-free installation without the need for any additional tools.
  • Flexible Joint Design: The flexibility allows the connector to adapt to various configurations, enhancing its versatility.
  • Detachable and Reusable: The connector can be dismantled and reassembled multiple times without losing its robustness.
  • Concealed Mounting: The product is designed for invisible attachment, ensuring a clean and seamless finish.
  • Variable Assembly Order: It offers flexibility in the assembly process to cater to different requirements.
  • Accurate Positioning: The design enables precise positioning, ensuring optimal assembly quality.
  • Functional and Versatile: It is versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.
  • Screw or Glue Attachment: The connector can be securely attached either by screwing or gluing.
  • POM-acetal Plastic and Polyamide Material: These materials provide resilience, UV and weather resistance, and recyclability.
  • Orientation: Decide whether a vertical or horizontal installation best suits your needs before beginning the assembly.
  • Positioning: Accurate placement of the connector is crucial for a secure connection and professional finish.
  • Adhesive: If gluing, always use the recommended KNAPP adhesive PU+ for a long-lasting bond.
  • Concealed Mounting: Install the connector in a way that it remains hidden after assembly to maintain aesthetic appeal.
  • Dismantling: Be careful when dismantling to avoid damage and ensure the connector’s reusability.
  • Recycling: At the end of its lifecycle, consider recycling the connector to contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Acoustic Panels: Secures acoustic panels in place, ensuring optimal sound absorption and diffusion.
  • Decorative Walls: Allows for easy assembly and disassembly of decorative wall panels, perfect for both temporary and permanent installations.
  • Floor Fixings: Facilitates the installation of floor fixtures, including floor panels and tiles.
  • Wall and Ceiling Coverings: Ideal for mounting various types of wall and ceiling coverings, ensuring a secure, durable hold.
  • Moldings: Can be used for attaching decorative moldings, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Outdoor Applications: Thanks to its UV and weather-resistant material, it’s suitable for various outdoor applications, like outdoor wall coverings or decorative installations.
  • Furniture Assembly: With its versatile and robust design, it can also be useful in assembling furniture pieces.
  • Display Installations: Can be used in setting up display installations in retail stores, galleries, or exhibitions, providing secure and reliable connections.
  • Signage: Facilitates easy installation and removal of indoor and outdoor signage, making it an ideal choice for businesses and advertising.
  • Construction Projects: Can be used in various construction and renovation projects, ensuring secure and reliable connections.

Versatile for various mounting needs, including acoustic panels, decorative walls, floor fixtures, and indoor/outdoor strips.


Offers flexibility for easy or challenging connections, allowing both vertical and horizontal processing.


Simple to position, secure with CS stainless steel screws (5 × 50 mm), use clip-on methods, apply KNAPP adhesive PU + for glue applications, or opt for convenient plug-in installations.

Suitable materials

Constructed from durable POM (acetal plastic) and weather-resistant polyamide, ensuring longevity and performance.



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Lamellar DEKLICK installation with wooden block rail:

Lemellar DEKLICK installation with wooden block rail

Lamellar DEKLICK installation with wooden block:

Lamellar DEKLICK installation with wooden block

Installing DEKLICK screw clamp

Installing DEKLICK screw clamp

Installation on a wooden block rial – final width 60mm

Installation on a wooden block rial - final width 60mm

Pairing of blocks, for easy assembly of several elements

Pairing of blocks, for easy assembly of several elements

Lamellar DEKLICK installation with wooden block


Enhancing both interior and exterior aesthetics is paramount in architectural design.

DEKLICK® presents a versatile solution for acoustic ceilings, wall paneling, and furniture construction, blending functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. Its adaptability opens the door to an array of connection possibilities.

Acoustic ceilings

For acoustic ceilings, wall paneling, and furniture, DEKLICK® simplifies the assembly process with just a single click, securely and inconspicuously affixing decorative elements to the substructure. This straightforward process can be conveniently prepared in the factory.

Wall cladding and paneling

When it comes to wall cladding and paneling, on-site assembly involves securing blocks or block rails to the substructure. Clamps are then effortlessly attached to these blocks, utilizing KNAPP® PU+ adhesive to fill the milled groove of decorative rails, which are subsequently clipped onto DEKLICK® connectors. Once the adhesive cures, the decorative element is firmly in place, yet easily replaceable if the need arises.

Decorative walls

DEKLICK® connectors prove equally valuable for decorative walls, furniture, and interior fittings, eliminating the need for tools and simplifying disassembly. This feature streamlines the creation and deconstruction of pre-assembled furniture components. Furthermore, the clamp connector’s suitability for rapid assembly of panels and wall coverings makes it a practical alternative to traditional assembly rails and corner braces. With its weather-resistant properties, DEKLICK® emerges as the go-to solution for achieving modern and contemporary joints.


In furniture applications, the screw clamp version of DEKLICK® offers both swift fastening and additional processing options. Clamps can be directly attached to construction elements using EURO screws or within a 32 mm raster, providing versatility in assembly methods.


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