The FIXClip is a glass pane and glazing bead connector made of plastic that is completely concealed when installed. With the FIXclip, glass panes and moldings/trims are fixed in windows and doors without damaging the components like it would happen with conventional nailing or screwing. The FIXclip connector is used for wood windows and wood-aluminum windows, as well as fixed glazing. The connector is available in two sizes, H16 and H20 (H12 per request).

  • Perfect look – No visible fasteners.
  • Fast – Reduces labor and effective production process guaranteed.
  • Fastening – by nailing or screwing of the connector.
  • Non-visible – Concealed mounting of glass pane and glazing bead.
  • Can be disassembled without damaging the pane.
  • Tested – for wind load C5 (EN 12210) and shock resistance class 3 (EN 13049).
  • For glazing beads, moldings made of timber and/or plastic.