Beam Connectors

  • GIGANT® – Beam Hangers

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  • RICON® EA – Beam Hanger

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  • RICON® Stainless Steel

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  • ACRO-System for Beams

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Beam connectors are the backbone of any structural project. They connect beams to columns or other beams and ensure the entire structure is stable and well built. At Knapp USA, we take pride in providing high-quality beam connectors that are reliable and durable.

Our beam connectors consist of high-quality materials that provide unparalleled strength. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different types of beams and columns. Whether you’re building a residential or commercial structure, our beam connectors will ensure you complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Browse our website and contact our team to learn more about our beam mounting hardware and how it can help you complete your project successfully.