KLICK-System – Sample Pack

KLICK-System – Sample Pack


The KLICK-System Sample Pack contains 30 product samples:

10 x KLICK
10 x sKLICK
10 x KLICKpro

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KLICK-System – Sample Pack

The KLICK snap-in connector is a double dovetail connector and sits in both sides of a dovetail-shaped groove that is routed in both joining components. The KLICKpro is a connector that has an integrated dovetail and serves as an adapter for the KLICK and sKLICK. The KLICKpro sits in a dado or rabbet and can be simply attached with nails/staples or screws. Our patented dovetail design for the KLICK and sKLICK is cut with our custom KLICK Dovetail Router Bit available with a 1/4″, 1/2″ and 8 mm shank. The KLICK-Systems is one of our most versatile and popular connectors amongst woodworkers and Architectural Millworkers. i.e.  The KLICK and KLICKpro combined are widely used for window and door casing applications, inside and outside as all of the connectors are made of UV and weather-resistant plastic.

Features and Benefits:
  • Fast assembly
    • A dovetail groove can be pre-cut.
    • Components are simply snapped together in seconds
    • Reduces labor and equipment cost i.e. no splitting of trim by nailing, no filling of nail holes
  • Non-visible connector
    • Appeals to the architect and customer
    • no holes in the finished workpiece
  • Self-tightening
    • Pulls itself into the groove, thus no clamping is necessary
    • No glue necessary
  • Versatile
    • Works especially well for components with small dimensions where pin and brad nails would be used
    • Can be disassembled and re-assembled if needed
    • Made with UV weather resistant plastic thus used indoors and outdoors.
    • Can be used on materials with small dimensions as little as 3/8″ (9,5 mm) in thickness and width
  • Durable
    • Made of strong and durable PA6 plastic that can withstand temperatures of up to 300℉ without deformation.
    • Fiberglass reinforce and impact resistant
  • Perfect for industrial manufacturing with CNC
  • Used with all wood and board materials
  • Can be used as a clamping aid while the glue dries
  • Recommended glue for a permanent joint → KNAPP®-Adhesive PU+ (Z011/1)
  • Moldings and trims such as light rail, crown, and toe kicks
  • Window and door casings
  • Face frames
  • Clamping aid
  • Case Goods
  • Architectural Millwork
  • Shopfitting
  • FurnitureMaterial



Plastic – PA6, dark brown



Connector type

Snap-in connector


Clips into the dovetail groove


Concealed, self-tightening connector, demountable, for any angles 0-90°


Using a plunge router or CNC and an original KLICK Dovetail Router Bit, cut a dado or continuous groove. It can also be used without groove in conjunction with KLICKpro by inserting KLICK into KLICKpro.

Suitable materials

Solid wood, plywood panels, composite materials, laminates, MDF, HDF


Furniture, architectural millwork, shopfitting, trims, moldings, for both indoor and outdoor applications


Windows and Doors

Wood Ceilings

Trim and Mouldings



Instructions on how to install chair rail using the sKLICK Dovetail Connector


KLICK Dovetail Router bit


Our Custom KLICK Dovetail Router Bit makes the perfect groove for the KLICK and sKLICK connectors.

            • Its simple design is conducive to fast assembly, as it allows you to insert the KLICK or sKLICK for a solid self-tightening connection.
            • The softened edge the router bit makes will allow you to insert the KLICK or sKLICK multiple times without tearing the edge of your material.
            • The tungsten carbide tipped blade ensures optimal protection for long-lasting performance.
            • All of our KNAPP® router bits are made in Austria, as we proudly offer the highest quality products available.


(View and Download Instruction Manual)


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