Dowel Connectors

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Welcome to KNAPP® Connectors, where we offer a diverse range of high-quality dowel connectors designed to elevate your woodworking projects. Our selection includes various options, each tailored to enhance your woodworking experience.

QUICK-SET – 2 Part Locking Dowel: The QUICK-SET is a straightforward and efficient 2-part Locking Dowel, consisting of a threaded stud and a plastic sleeve. It’s a self-tightening, inconspicuous solution that can be inserted directly into standard boreholes without the need for glue. With four different sizes available, you’ll find the perfect match for your specific project.

KNAPP®-Dowel self-tightening plastic dowel: The KNAPP®-Dowel is a robust and durable self-holding plastic dowel connector offered in various sizes. Crafted from high-strength weather-resistant (POM) plastic, it securely grips into the borehole thanks to its unique design, eliminating the necessity for clamping. This connector can be used with or without adhesive, providing versatility and efficiency.

TUCK – Spring Steel Compression Dowel: The TUCK is a spring steel compression dowel designed for immediate load-bearing, making it perfect for attaching components without the need for glue or clamps. Available in five different sizes, it self-tightens, eliminating the need for clamping aids or glue during assembly. The spring steel design ensures a permanent and secure connection by pushing against the borehole wall.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Swift Assembly: Our connectors snap together effortlessly, reducing assembly time.
  • Inconspicuous Design: Non-visible connectors appeal to both architects and customers, ensuring a clean finish.
  • Self-Tightening: The connectors are engineered to eliminate the need for clamps, making your work more efficient.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various woodworking applications, these connectors offer flexibility.
  • Ideal for CNC Machining: Perfect for industrial manufacturing with CNC equipment and high prefabrication.
  • Compatible with Various Materials: Our connectors are suitable for use with all wood and board materials.

Useful Tips:

  • CNC Manufacturing: These connectors are particularly well-suited for industrial manufacturing with CNC machinery.
  • Clamping Aid: They can be used as a clamping aid while your glue dries, enhancing the quality of your joints.
  • Recommended Glue for Permanent Joints: For long-lasting bonds, we recommend using KNAPP®-Adhesive PU+ (Z011/1).


  • Case Goods
  • Architectural Millwork
  • Shop Fittings
  • Furniture
  • Moldings and Trim
  • Face Frames
  • False Fronts

Discover the convenience, strength, and efficiency of our dowel connectors. Choose the one that suits your project and experience strong, glue-free joinery. Explore our selection and elevate your woodworking projects with KNAPP® Connectors.