Mass Timber Connectors

  • ICC Code Approval ESR-4300 for RICON S VS Introducing the RICON® S mass timber connector – a pre-engineered solution designed for seamless and rapid beam joining. This innovative connector comprises two identical plates featuring bolts that interlock in a dovetail-style configuration. Installation is a breeze, thanks to self-tapping structural screws applied perpendicularly to the plate. For added convenience, KNAPP® offers Routing Jigs compatible with handheld routers. Enhance the connector's functionality with an optional Locking clip, ensuring a secure latch. Versatile in application, RICON® S effortlessly connects timber to timber, steel, and concrete. Choose between fully concealed or visible installation, with two available versions: Welded Collar Bolt (VS) and Screwed Collar Bolt (VK). Explore our Catalogue for detailed insights into our Mass Timber Construction Connecting systems.
  • Revolutionize your mass timber projects with MEGANT Beam Hanger Systems. Precision-engineered from premium aluminum, these connectors redefine post-to-beam connections, allowing installations from any angle. With a concealable design for superior fire resistance and ICC code approval, MEGANT offers off-the-shelf convenience and easily replicable installations. Ideal for single or double configurations, these systems use a unique blend of angled, fully threaded screws endorsed by ICC-ESR in the U.S. and CCMC in Canada. Immerse your construction projects in the innovation of MEGANT, setting new benchmarks in mass timber construction. Explore our Catalogue for detailed insights into our Mass Timber Construction Connecting systems.

As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly building materials continues to rise, mass timber construction has gained popularity in the United States. High-quality connectors are essential to build mass timber structures effectively, and that’s where Knapp USA comes in.

Our mass timber connectors can withstand the toughest environments while providing an elegant and robust solution for your building project. Whether it’s a roof, floor, or wall system, our connectors can help your project reach new heights.

To ensure that your structure meets all requirements, we test our connectors to ensure they comply with stringent industry standards. Knapp USA’s mass timber connectors are an excellent choice for builders who value quality, sustainability, and reliability. Order now to receive a product that meets industry standards and exceeds your expectations.