RICON® DA – Beam Hanger

RICON® DA – Beam Hanger


The pre-engineered RICON® DA series allows for simple and fast joining of beams and is used as a timber connector specifically for joining vertical and horizontal mullions in a cross joint in wood curtain walls. The connector plates hook into each other in a dovetail-like manner. An optional locking clip can be installed to latch the connector. The RICON® is typically recessed, non-visible, and can be used with timber widths as little as 50 mm. RICON® is available in three versions, Single Connection (EA), Double Connection (DA) and with Rampa insert (EAR) in six sizes 60/40, 80/40, 100/40, 120/40, 140/40 and 160/40.


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The pre-engineered RICON® DA (Double Connection) series allows for the simple and fast joining of beams and is designed to be used in for cross joints such as where two horizontal mullions meet at the same position on the vertical mullion. In this case, the screws of RICON EA version would collide with each other and the connection would not be structurally sound. Thus DA version uses connecting nuts that sit in boreholes that go through the vertical mullion. Typically a recess is cut into the end grain of the horizontal mullions and where one plate is installed with self-tapping 5×80 mm and 8×80 mm SC-screws. On the contrary, the other plates are installed on the vertical mullion with M8x25 CS-screws that screw into the connecting nuts on each end. For easy installation, KNAPP® also offers Drilling and Routing Jigs as well as a Mounting kit. The 8×80 mm and M8x25 CS-screws have an integrated stop, thus on one end, the screw would stand above the connector and engage with the dovetail receiver socket of the other connectors when hooking them into each other. An optional Locking clip can be installed to latch the connector. If needed the locking clip can be removed later on. Connecting nuts are available for mullion withs of 50mm, 60mm, and 80mm. The RICON DA is available six sizes 60/40, 80/40, 100/40, 120/40, 140/40 and 160/40. Further, two more RICON® versions Single Connection (EA) and Rampa insert (EAR) are available.

*Note that the numbers in the name of each RICON® size indicate the size of the connector in millimeter. I.e. RICON 100/40 is 100 mm long by 40 mm wide.

Features and Benefits:
  • Pre-engineered beam hanger
  • Fast assembly
    • Components simply slide and join together in seconds
    • Reduces labor and equipment cost
    • High degree of prefabrication
  • Non-visible connector
    • Appeals to the architect and customer
  • Self-tightening and adjustable
    • prevents forming of gaps in the joint over time
    • connectors allow adjustment in depth
  • Flexible
    •  Disassembly and reassembly possible if needed
  • Universal
    • connectors can fasten timber to timber, to steel, and to concrete components.
    • can also be used for polygon façades.
  • Slim timber dimension
    • can be mounted on beams with thickness as little as 50mm and up to 450mm.
  • Versatile
    • can be used for single joint and double joint applications
    • the direction of the assembly of a horizontal mullion can be from the outside towards the inside and from down upwards. This is particularly of advantage for wood curtain walls.
  • Safe
    • fire resistance according to (DIN 4102-2) by 4-sided concealed mounting (R30 ≥ 20 mm, R60 ≥ 40 mm).
  • Neutral
    • In case of manufacturing wood curtain walls – can be used in combination with different exterior profile systems such as RP, Schüco, MBJ, Gutmann, RAICO, Stabalux, … etc.
New and improved:
  • Better grip on the timber by means of a star-shaped embossing on the backside of the connector plate.
  • Mounting also on intermediate layers up to 26 mm (i.e. OSB).
  • Special coating for increased corrosion resistance for indoor swimming pools, riding halls, stables and farm buildings (tested).
  • Approval for off-centered glass loads up to 860 kg given by an additional reinforcing plate.
  • ETA extension for Hardwood (i.e. oak, larch, beech.
  • Connector for main and secondary glulam beams
  • Connector for timber framework of wood curtain walls
  • Commercial and residential mass timber structures
  • Connector for carports, sunrooms, gazebos, pergolas,..etc.




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View and Download our Instruction Manual for the
RICON EAR: 60/40, 80/40, 100/40, 120/40, 140/40, 160/40


  1. Cut recess with CNC or by means of MULTI F 40 Routing Jig
  2. Pre-drill 8×50 (side grain) mm and 8×80 (end grain) with CNC or RICON Drilling Jig
  3. Install connector plates with RICON  Mounting kit
  4. Install Locking clip if needed
  5. Hook-in beams


  • RICON is immediately load bearing and does not need any additional screwing or nailing on site.
  • Unlatch joint by bending locking clip using a flat head screwdriver on the open end of the connection.

Charact. load carrying capacity F2,Rk [kN]*

*Charact. load carrying capacity F2,Rk in insertion direction applies only to the use of original KNAPP® cs-screws according to ETA 10/0189. DA = double connection

6,3 [kN]*
RICON 60/40 DA PS 50
RICON 60/40 DA PS 60
RICON 60/40 DA PS 80
10,3 [kN]*
RICON 80/40 DA PS 50
RICON 80/40 DA PS 60
RICON 80/40 DA PS 80
15,4 [kN]*
RICON 100/40 DA PS 50
RICON 100/40 DA PS 60
RICON 100/40 DA PS 80
19,7 [kN]*
RICON 120/40 DA PS 50
RICON 120/40 DA PS 60
RICON 120/40 DA PS 80
24,1 [kN]*
RICON 140/40 DA PS 50
RICON 140/40 DA PS 60
RICON 140/40 DA PS 80
26 [kN]*
RICON 160/40 DA PS 50
RICON 160/40 DA PS 60
RICON 160/40 DA PS 80


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