Frame Connectors

  • The CHICO Sample Pack contains 4 pairs The CHICO is a precision connector made of aluminum die-cast zinc, which can also be used in Corian®, Marlan®, and similar materials in addition to wood materials. → Order larger quantity
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  • The DUO-System Sample Pack contains 3 product samples: 1 x DUO 46/30 1 x DUO 62/15 1 x DUO 90/20 → Order larger quantity
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  • DUO-System is strategically engineered for fast processing while maintaining a design of traditional frame joint. Simple and easy-to-use. The most common applications are for Bed Rails, Stringers, and Table aprons. We recommend accessories → 2 Flute Straight Router Bit 13/32" to be combined with —> Router Bushing 1" OD and the MULTI F Routing Jigs to make make the mortise. Optionally, → Router Base Plate Adapter that holds the Router Bushing 1" OD.

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  • The ZIPBOLT™️ connector is a practical and innovative solution as a frame connector for beds, tables, staircase assembly, and home furniture. The ZIPBOLT™️ completely eliminates the difficult and time-consuming use of a screwdriver needed for conventional connectors and fasteners. The mounting of the connector is very fast and easy to install with a cordless drill or even a hand screwdriver. Frames from 7/8" (22 mm) to 1-1/2" (38 mm) board thickness can be connected in just a few seconds. → Order a Sample Pack
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  • RICON® Stainless Steel

    The RICON® Stainless Steel series allows for the simple and fast joining of beams, rails and is used in various applications such as indoor and outdoor furniture, balconies, decking, carport, pergolas, gazebos, playgrounds, sports equipment, and much more. We recommend accessories → 2 Flute Straight Router Bit 13/32″ to be combined with —> Router Bushing 1″ OD and the MULTI F Routing Jigs to make make the mortise. Optionally, → Router Base Plate Adapter that holds the Router Bushing 1″ OD.
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Are you considering creating a wooden project but nervous about it being sturdy? Knapp USA has you covered with our high-quality frame connectors and hardware. Our hardware makes a strong and stable connection between your bed frame components, ensuring a durable and long-lasting foundation for your structure.

Our wooden frame connectors are available in various sizes and finishes to fit any style and design. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, our hardware options provide sleek and seamless integration. At Knapp USA, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with exceptional products built to last. Our frame connectors and hardware feature the highest-quality materials and manufacturing standards to ensure superior performance and long-term reliability.